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Top 3 Tools that Increase Productivity

05 September

30 Day Blog Challenge

There are so many tools I use to increase productivity in my business and keep it running smoothly, but I will stick to the top 3 for the purposes of this challenge.

1. Hostgator

Hostgator is where I host my website. It is a very user friendly hosting site with great support. They have different levels of service to meet your business needs and are quite inexpensive. They also have an affiliate program which I love as when I find a good product, I like to be able to tell you about it.

2. E-Junkie

E-Junkie is a very simple and easy to use online shopping cart where you can sell both physical goods and downloadable ones. It easily integrates into your website and can be connected to your PayPal account. I use it to sell my ebook – Thrive in Life & Work. It has its own affiliate program plus you can set one up for your business. I have recently added my own affiliate site. You can sign up for that here.
E-junkie Shopping Cart and Digital Delivery

3. Hootsuite

Hootsuite is the one tool that really boosted my productivity. Instead of logging in to each of my social media accounts and writing status updates I can now go to one place where all of my accounts are and update in bulk. Not to mention scheduling updates in advance. It is such a time saver.

30 Day Blog Challenge

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