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There’s an App for that!

20 November

Smartphones have revolutionised the Tourist Information Bureau!

When I traveled in the 90s, my first port of call was the Tourist Information Bureau to get maps and brochures. Of course I was also lugging my Lonely Planet Guide in my backpack.

These days with the invention of the Smartphone there seems to be an App for almost everything. The most useful ones I have found are the public transport apps and of course Google Maps, so that when I land in a new city I can hit the ground running.

No longer do I need to be weighed down with guide books and look like the quintessential tourist (or crime victim waiting to happen) holding a map on a street corner, looking completely lost.

Today, with phone in hand and my lovely pulsating blue dot, I can plot my course or check the bus and train schedules.

Public Transport Apps

Here are the free apps I’ve used recently

**Note** Check the Travel Resources page. If your city isn’t listed here, it may be there.


Adelaide –TransitTimes Adelaide Trams: It is only for the Tram that runs between the City and the beach (Glenelg). The best thing about the Tram, is that it is free between North Tce and South Tce so you can use it to get around the city centre.

There is a TranistTimes Adelaide which covers all public transport and if you are staying for a while it will certainly be worth the $2.99.

Sydney – TripViewLite: Very useful when navigating Sydney’s trains, buses and ferries. There is a paid version, but as a tourist it’s not necessary.

United Kingdom

London – TubeMap: The map alone is worth the download. Very useful so you don’t get on a north bound train, when you were supposed to be on a south bound. It’s easy to use, plus it has notifications to tell you where maintenance is being carried out and you can top up your Oyster Card too.

Edinburgh – EdinBus: This is not the easiest app to use. You need to know your bus number, there isn’t a simple way to search how to get from A to B, but there is a notification section which is always handy.


Paris – Guide Metro Paris: There are a few apps for the Paris Metro, but I found this to be the easiest of all the apps. It can be a bit overwhelming when you look at a map of the system, but this app makes it less daunting.


Stockholm – Res i STHLM: This is a fantastic app, there is only one draw back it is in Swedish. I have emailed the creator to see if they can do an English variation! There is also an app called The Stockholm Metro, I haven’t used it, but it is in English.


Miami – MDT Tracker: All you need to plan your sightseeing around Miami. Great design with Rider Alert to let you know of any service disruptions.

New York – NYC Subway: It will be familiar if you have used the TubeMap app as it has the same navigation.

Let me know if you have any great Public Transport Apps for your city.

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