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Welcome to the first step on your true path…

Are you just treading water? Do you know deep down that you were meant for something different?Authentic Footprints

Do you want to find meaning and purpose in your life and are you ready to take action?

Good, then you have found your home!

What you’ll find here

I’m Kylie Pengelly and being a Aussie (Australian) you’ll certainly get that slant. Here I write about my journey as I travel the world and work from anywhere.

You’ll find travel tips, off the beaten track places, must see events, photos, poetry, inspirational people and their stories.

Join me on my journey

After having taken just those steps in my own life to create the lifestyle I was craving, I am determined to show the world that it is possible and necessary to find one’s true purpose.

I’m here to inspire you on your journey and help find what drives you.

Finding your path may not require as dramatic a change as I did. If you need help setting out or continuing through the fear then I’m here for you.

This journey and working in adult education and organisational development for the past 15 or so years has given me a passion to see people thrive in their life, rather than just surviving it.

It started with helping people to create the business they desire so they can thrive in life and work through Productive Resourcing.

Authentic Footprints is an extension of this, with a more light hearted look at my journey.

I would love to be part of yours.