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Set Yourself Apart from the Crowd

20 August

30 Day Blog Challenge

USP – Unique Special Proposition

In business this is the only thing that really matters. If you don’t have a USP you aren’t going to be very successful. It’s true that many successful businesses offer the same service or product, but they each do something differently to capture their share of the market.

Take shoe shops for example, they are many and varied. Some are the best on price, some are the best on quality, some have the sizes that are hardest to find. They all sell shoes, but the successful ones have their own unique offering to set them apart.

The Purpose

So what did I build my business around? What’s my USP?

The truth is I left the rat race out of necessity. I just wasn’t meant to be an employee and it was slowly sending me crazy.

I realized something early on in my life, some interactions gave me energy and others just sucked the life out of me! By the time I quit my corporate job there was much life left to suck, but I knew where I needed to put my energy and that was into doing things that would recharge my batteries.

I enjoy problem solving, helping people with their business, streamlining processes, finding new and innovative ways to do things. It’s not only about business though. I love to help people find their true calling. That thing they have been dreaming of, but haven’t yet taken the leap of faith to actually do. It’s a complete adrenaline rush and I am hooked.

The one thing I knew from my own experience was that I wanted to help people, especially women, to thrive in their life and work. I’ve often been told that it should be work and life because it sounds better. But that’s the whole point I want people to prioritise their life. Work comes second.

Survival is a dirty word to me. I needed to thrive and now that I am, I am maniacal in my quest to help others do so too.

The Elevator PitchThe Elevator Pitch

This is an exercise I get my clients to do regularly, but I have to say sometimes it’s hard to follow one’s own advice! I have struggled with this exercise myself, defining exactly what it is that makes my business unique and why you should work with me!

I’ve decided I’m a non-conformist who chooses freedom over convention and I have two distinct sides to my business.

On one hand I am a life coach & speaker who helps women who are ready for change seek out their extraordinary purpose through understanding their talents. I do this by helping them to find their voice so they can thrive in life and work rather than just survive it.

On the other hand I am a business coach & speaker who helps entrepreneurs develop a clear vision of how to run their business instead of letting it run them. I help them to focus on effective internal and external communication to create productive and profitable enterprises. I do this by giving them practical no holds barred strategies as well as continuing support.

It’s so important to know what is special about one’s business and to use this to create a clear vision of where one is headed. If you need help with this why not apply for one of my FREE 20 minute Business Health Checks.


30 Day Blog Challenge

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