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Outsource and Create your Dream Team

23 August

30 Day Blog Challenge

What it really costs to Outsource

Outsource & SaveThe biggest misconception is that it is just another cost to the business. It is in fact the complete opposite. It is a huge savings in both time and money. How you may ask?

Here is the equation: how much of your time will it take, especially if you have to learn the skill? How much are you worth an hour? How much would you need to pay someone else to do it?

Let’s take 10 hours of administrative work you might do every week. If your charge out fee is $80 and you could pay someone $20 per hour you’ve just saved yourself a missive $600 plus 10 hours of time. It’s simple really, but so easy to think of as only a cost.

Letting go

The hardest part of building your dream team when you are an entrepreneur is letting go of control. Other people can do just as good a job as you do, you may even be surprised that they might do it better! It won’t be quicker to do it yourself than show someone, if you set up your systems correctly and as you can see above it is not a cost, but rather a saving.

My Dream Team

I’m at this point now, I probably have been for a while, but have been a bit slow to take my own advice. The first area I need to outsource is administration support. It is so time consuming and even though I can do it, it takes away so much of my time from billable hours. That is the start and I pledge to you now that by the end of 2013 I will employ my first team member.

My vision for my business and my life is quite bold, but I say play hard or go home. So here’s what my organisation chart of the future looks like. The next thing is to write posistion description so I can see where I can start saving my time and money now.

I have some work to do!


30 Day Blog Challenge


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