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Millionaire Mindset

20 August

Millionaire Mind Set30 Day Blog Challenge

‘I think therefore I am’

It’s no secret that to be successful you need to have the right frame of mind. Believing in yourself and your mission is paramount. It’s one of the key elements in my coaching practice.

I myself have a daily ritual of reminding myself of my purpose and thinking about where I want to go.

Having a millionaire mindset is a habit you need to create if you really want to be successful.

Two Key Millionaire Habits

In business and on a personal level my success framework is Dream-Plan-Act. Each of these elements is useless without the other. Many of us are great at the first two, but never quite get to the action phase. This is a key millionaire habit.

Keeping a forward motion and not letting our fears and self-imposed barriers offer up excuses to remain safe are what will propel us towards success. It might be a leap of faith or a tentative step, but as long as we are moving towards our goals, we are making progress.

This is a habit that requires dedication, sometimes one falls off the wagon and things stagnate, but it just means it’s time to shake it off and get back on track.

Finding ways to stick with it like putting your business vision or mission in a promintent place, I have mine in the middle of my Desktop. Creating calendar reminders to prod us into action, very effective when you sink your calendar with your iPhone and iPad, there’s just no escaping it. Employing a coach or joining a mastermind.

Some habits are hard to break, others are more difficult to keep. The rewards are what keep you motivated.

When Opportunity Knocks

This is one millionaire habit I continually work on. It’s a fear thing as I’m sure you understand. Negative self-talk can talk us out of anything and I’ll be the first to admit that I can strip my own confidence with one insecure thought.

I don’t deserve it, they will say no, I’m not worthy, I can’t do this! Yep, we’ve all been there and then I tell that evil little voice to shut its uneducated mouth and tell myself that I can, well most of the time I do!

It’s a choice and it takes practice and I pledge to you all that I am going to really focus on this, because I know I can be better at it.

Do you have a millionaire mindset? Which habit would you like to focus on?


30 Day Blog Challenge

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