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Increase Your Influence

27 August

30 Day Blog ChallengeGet your Face out there

Getting your Face out there

There is definitely something to be said for getting your face out there when building an online business.

People are more likely to believe your expertise if they see you in the media. This can be in the form of interviews, guest posts or reviews.

I’ve had the pleasure of being interviewed on Basic Bananas and Flipped it as well as writing a number of guest posts for publications where my ideal clients hang out and a chapter in the ebook Business, business, Business and Flipped It – Inspiring Stories of Successful Reinvention.

Focus Your Efforts

As Seen HereIn my quarterly plan I have had the goal of getting three to four guest articles published per month to further build on my credibility and so far I have succeeded.

On the Productive Resourcing side I’ve had three articles published on Family Capers – Focus on Your Ideal Client and Fire the Rest, Business Vision – Create the Road Map to Success and Creating a Practical Social Media Strategy. I also have another two articles in the draft stage that have been approved for publication on entrepreneurial websites.

On the Authentic Footprints side I now have a paid freelance writing spot with WeekendNotes.

I am a Mediapreneur

Now that I’ve heard this terminology I have a name for what I plan to do to build my influence. When I started my business I had a face to face hands on business, in the last two years to become a Suitcase Entrepreneur I have changed that model to include digital products and there are new programs on the way.

My mission is to enable people to thrive in life and work. My expertise is helping people to master their message both to themselves and for their business. Everything else flows from this point.

I am the Talk the Talk Master!

30 Day Blog Challenge


photo by: Fey Ilyas

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