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Fool’s Gold

03 April

I’m not Pulling any Punches!

Pulling No PunchesThere were some fabulous pranks pulled on April Fool’s Day this year and a few that weren’t particularly well thought through, but all in all it was worth a giggle.

Yet it made me stop and think about what socially acceptable untruths we are fooling ourselves with! Over on my business website Productive Resourcing I wrote about the way many business owners (and this is true for individuals & families) think that by not knowing their financial position it won’t hurt them.

Knowledge is power people!

This head in the sand approach isn’t particularly productive. I’m all about choices and if you’ve read any of my articles here or at Productive Resourcing you will also know that my mission is to help people thrive in life and work.

Yet there seems to be a movement away from conscious choice to a culture of blaming everyone and everything for our circumstances. The only person we control is ourselves! There is no circumstance in which we are not in control of how we act or react.

Your ChoiceNope, no buts!

So I started thinking about how foolish this makes us, which lead me to fool’s gold, that shiny rock that appears to be gold, but is actually pyrite. A mineral that enjoyed a brief moment of glory in the 16th and 17th centuries, but today is just a glittery facsimile of the real deal!

Fool's GoldThe metaphor is a bit of a stretch!

So what’s your fool’s gold? What are you dressing up in a shiny coat to gloss over the real truth?

What isn’t your fault? Who won’t let you move on? The excuses to be an unconscious victim are easy to come by in this era of the nanny state!

If you’re ready to ditch the fool’s gold for an authentic life, then take solace in the fact that everything you have in your life, good, bad or ugly is there of your choosing!

Do you find that as liberating as I do?

photo by: ReillyButler

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