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Find Your Inspirational Place

20 February

Dreams are important

I always take inspiration from visits to my childhood home, it is where my imagination roamed free and all of my dreams for my life began. It’s quite apt that my visit home Keith, South Australiacoincides with the Winter Olympics because it gives me pause to remember my own dreams and how I’ve actioned them, just as these athletes are fulfilling theirs.

I was so fortunate to grow up on a rural property, with acres of land as my backyard playground filled with all the magic of nature. It was a dreamer’s nirvana, well it was for me.  I used to ride my horse in the scrub on the hill behind our house for hours, playing and creating fantastical scenarios until it was time for lunch or dinner.

Nature was my Playground

Natures Wonder, Keith, South AustraliaThe farm was my huge universe and everything I could imagine was possible there. The disappointment of people telling me that the things I dreamed of weren’t actually possible was a bit disheartening.

The silly thing is I actually listened to those voices for far too long, until I realised I’m not conventional, I don’t fit the norm and there is nothing wrong with that.

We need to go back the innocent, naïve dreams of our childhood and remember what it was like to believe that anything is possible. We need to find our place of inspiration and dwell there for a while.

Where it All Began

I remember driving home from school, gazing out the window when I was about 11 years old, having had my first French lesson. I was thinking somewhere out there was a girl my age going home from school look at her environment and calling everything by another name! It seemed completely fantastic, weird and wonderful to me.

It was the beginning of my need to communicate with people in their own language, so it’s no wonder I learned Spanish and then Swedish after taking French at school and university. It is also one of the many reasons that made me want to go out in the world and explore all it had to offer.

Dream – Plan – ActAuthentic Life

Dreams are necessary, but to be truly happy we need to put them into action. Dream – Plan – Act. To do this we need to believe.

I became a believer again 5 years ago when I quit the rat race and started my own business Productive Resourcing and 2 years ago I completed my vision of working and travelling the world again.

When are you going to believer? Or are you already? Share your story in the comments.

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