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Affiliates are Good for Business

26 August

30 Day Blog Challenge

Word of Mouth Works Wonders

I have been toying with setting up an Affiliate program for my business, but am yet to complete the task. It is such a great sales tool as your fans and clients become part of your sales team as an organised word of mouth brigade.

I love recommending useful products and services to my community and getting a financial reward is just the icing on the cake. It also gives me a warm fuzzy feeling about the person whose products and services I am promoting.

I even put Affiliates on my organisation chart in my post on creating your dream team! It seems like the universe is trying to tell me it’s time to get going on this!

Join my Affiliate Program

This post has made me take the first, well actually second step towards my own affiliate program. I joined up to E-junkie a while ago both to sell my ebook and to create an affiliate program. So I popped over to MailChimp and created a list.

That has kicked me into gear! If you would like to get in on the ground floor, I will not only promise you great products to promote and great returns, but also early bird opportunities and input into new products.

Now that’s an offer you can’t refuse!! Click here to join my Super Sales Force list.


30 Day Blog Challenge

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