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About Me

In 2009 I had a moment…

One of those life changing moments where a terrible thought popped into my head.

“If I get hit by a bus on my way to work tomorrow, I really don’t care!”
My next thought was “Excuse me!!”

I decided if I had to do what I was doing for the next 25 or so years until I could retire then there wasn’t much point continuing.

If this was IT then I wanted out.

That was probably the darkest Sunday night in my life, so the next day I walked into my job and quit!

The weight on my chest that had been nearly suffocating me lifted almost immediately.

It took about a week for the fear to kick in.

I have to say the fear was actually the most exhilarating feeling I’d felt in years, I relished it. I just had this knowing feeling that I was on the right path; I wasn’t sure exactly where it was taking me. I just knew it was moving me far, far away from where I had been.

I started Productive Resourcing, to help other like-minded business owners to create a business that would allow them to thrive in life and work.

I took another year before I was truly able to admit to myself and then to my friends and family that I didn’t want to have a conventional business or lifestyle for that matter. I wanted to travel again, I wanted to be able to work from anywhere. I wanted to stop just surviving and actually thrive.

So I’ve put my business online, my stuff in storage and my house up for rent!

This is the next big adventure and I’d like to share what I find with you.

I love to travel and while the big attractions are definitely places to see, the best fun I’ve ever had is at out of the way, off the track places.

That little Italian restaurant I stumbled across and had the best pizza ever, or that bar in Stockholm where they make you feel like family, or that art gallery in a country town in South Australia.

That chance meeting on the train when I had to stand up for 7 hours or the directions from the lady in Moscow, when neither of us spoke each other’s language!

These are the gems that I would like to share as I kick off on the adventure of a life time, the true marvels you only find when wandering off the tourist track.

My goal is to inspire and help you to find your true path, it may not be as dramatic, but you will be making your own Authentic Footprints.