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A Website that Converts

20 August

30 Day Blog Challenge

Your Website is a Sales ToolWebsite is a Sales Tool

Creating a website that converts is the ultimate challenge for an online business. Easy navigation and eye catching content are certainly a requirement.

I started my online business with just a Facebook Page and then graduated to a website with a static page and a blog using WordPress. As my skills and knowledge of WordPress increased I realised that there is no need for the static page and am currently in the process of revamping my business site: Productive Resourcing.

As my business evolved I then created this website and I have also bought the domain for my name as I have a very big picture plan!

3 Elements to improve conversion

1. List Building

I currently have a newsletter: Thrive! which I use to build my list. I intend to offer a more enticing Freebie to improve up take. I am also in the process of changing its format to incorporate my Authentic Footprints site.

2. About Page

This is statistically one of the first pages people will look at once they come to your website. People want to know who you are and why you do what you do. I intend to update this page and give it a more alluring call to action when I relaunch my Productive Resourcing website.

 3. Products

10 Top Tips to Thrive in Life & WorkI currently have one ebook and as mentioned in previous posts I am in the process of writing two new ones. I am also going to be offering my first completely online course Mastering your Message to be released on the 7th September. This will focus on creating a vision and the tools required to effectively communicate it.

I’d love your feedback on my websites. You can check out the current Productive Resourcing website here. All constructive feedback is welcomed.


30 Day Blog Challenge

photo by: Andrew*

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